Vol 7: Acknowledgements

I would like to thank the following devotees for their help in the production of this volume of Diary of a Traveling Preacher.

Umapati Maharaja who, despite his busy schedule, always finds time to edit the chapters.

Ken White, my second editor who has kindly been editing my writings for years.

Mayapriya dasi who each year does an excellent job in layout and text design.

Jal Keli das for his artistic cover design, and Lakshmivan das for the cover photo.

Rasa parayana das for collecting and assembling the photos.

Sri Thakur Mahasaya das, who came to the rescue with some last minute services that saved the day.

Advaita Candra prabhu, my publisher, who oversees the gen-eral production of my books. He’s also a busy man and I deeply appreciate his time and efforts.

Indradyumna Swami