Vol 9: Foreward


-by Vaisesika Dāsa

Two kinds of travelers traverse this world: the conditioned soul who, forced by time, perpetually transmigrates from one material body to another in endless pursuit of sensual enjoyment; and the pure devotees of God who move freely, impelled by the order of their spiritual masters rather than by the force of karma.

Guided and empowered by Krishna’s divine energy, such preachers move freely, dutifully spreading the Lord’s message, despite all impediments.

These empowered preachers know the art of staying constantly in touch with the Lord. They know that just as fire, hidden within wood, bursts forth when friction is applied, so the Lord, present everywhere, appears whenever and wherever pure devotees perform Sankirtana.

naham tisthami vaikunthe

yoginam hrdayesu va

tatra tisthami narada

yatra gayanti mad-bhaktah

“I am not in Vaikuntha nor in the hearts of the yogis. I remain where My devotees engage in glorifying My activities.”

Such traveling preachers live to benefit others, using everything available to them as a resource for teaching others about the panacea for this fallen age—Nama Sankirtana.

As you hear the episodes of His Holiness Indradyumna Swami—the quintessential traveling preacher—you experience first hand the miraculous effects of applying the principle of Sankirtana in your own life.

Those who know His Holiness Indradyumna Swami have come to expect the unexpected, and relish following his journeys. Diary of a Traveling Preacher (Vol. 9) demonstrates once again that the merciful and compassionate Lord lives always with the traveling preacher and that we too can live with the Lord by just by hearing His devotees’ adventures.

Vaisesika dasa