July 2015

July 3rd, 2015

This year we began our 28th annual summer festival tour in the town of Dzwirzyno, Poland on the Baltic Sea coast. It began auspiciously with numerous people approaching the harinam party thanking us for bringing the festival to the town again. The festival crowd was big, as always, and they thoroughly enjoyed our new stage dramas. So, one down and 39 more festivals to go!

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July 5th, 2015

A great flood of mercy inundated the town of Rewal, Poland yesterday as our samkirtan party descended in all its glory upon the town’s beaches. Chanting and dancing in great ecstasy we distributed thousands of invitations to our festival that evening. Upon receiving an invitation one gentleman smiled and rightly said, “By the appearance of it all, it seems the festival has already begun!”

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