October 2015

October 2nd,2015

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October 4th,2015

We have finally reached the center of Mongolia on our long journey through the countryside. It seems the deeper we go into the country the more receptive and interested people are to hear our message. These are small towns, but every time we do harinama people show up to chant and dance with us. And our evening hall programs are always full with enthusiastic crowds as well. Being out here on the road our happiness knows no bounds


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October 5th,2015

We have been traveling through a desert region here in Mongolia most of the day. The so-called roads are either dirt or sand and as a result it is often difficult to find our way. Five hours ago our driver got lost and we drove aimlessly through the sands for 5 hours. Then we got a flat tire. After fixing that another tire started losing air. Soon after, by Krsna’s grace, we spotted a settlement some distance away. We made it there and found someone to fix both tires. Most important that person gave us instructions how to proceed through the desert to our destination, Uliastai, which is still 300 kilometers away. We’ll also have to negotiate a tricky 3,500 meter pass over a mountain range in the dark, but with the grace of Lord Nrsimhadeva we should reach our destination by tomorrow morning. We have to because tomorrow we’ll have the first harinama in the history of Uliastai and a public program as well! Please Vaishnavas, keep us in your prayers.
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