Nitai’s Trap of Love

January 29, 2018.

Nitai’s Trap of Love – By the medieval poet Kanudas

1. Oh my dear Lord Nitaichand! He set up traps of kṛṣṇa-prema in each and every home.

2. He sprinkled cooling waters from the corners of his eyes on all those living entities that were burning in the fire of material suffering.

3. He bestowed extreme mercy on Gauda Desh. Overcome with bhāva while dancing, he forgot everything.

4. His body is whitish with a slightly reddish tinge. His hairs stand on end like the filaments of kadamba flowers.

5. His body is decorated with various ornaments. Gathering together various devotees, he sings joyously.

6. How many times does he not stumble while walking? The movement of his lotus feet resembles the movement of a restless khañjana (wag-tail bird).

7. Hearing of his mercy, my hope of getting delivered increases. This Kanudas begs love at Nitai’s feet

[ Translated by Hari Parshad Das from Vaiṣṇava Padāvalī, fourth edition, April 2010. Compiled and edited by Hare Krishna Mukhopadhyay. Published by Shishu Sahitya Sansad Pvt. Ltd., Kolkata. Printed in Krishna Kathamrita Bindu, Issue no: 417 ]

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