November 2018

November 1, 2018: Visit to Vrinda Kund

Vrinda Kunda is a favorite place of pilgrimage for all Vrajavasis. Vrinda-devi herself is one of the 5 divine personalities who grant eternal residence in Vrindavan Dhama. Understanding these transcendental realities our parikrama party of nearly 500 devotees relished a day at Vrinda Kunda; hearing, chanting and enjoying each others association.

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November 2, 2018: Video- The Glories of Chandra Sarovara

Ten days into the auspicious month of Kartika we visited Chandra Sarovar, one of the many lakes surrounding Govardhana Hill. It is situated on the long, outer parikrama-marg of Govardhana Hill that extends for over 40 kilometers. It was the pilgrimage route most often taken by Srila Sanatana Goswami 500 years ago. There are many pastimes that take place at Chandra Sarovar, including Krsna’s springtime Rasa Lila dance with the gopis. It was there that the gopis sang their famous Gopi Gita, expressing their deep feelings of separation from the Lord. At Chandra Sarovar one can also take darsan of the samadhi of the famous Vaisnava saint, Sur das.


Video on The Glories of Chandra Sarovara

November 3, 2018: Lecture- The Glories of Chandra Sarovara

Dear disciples, friends and well-wishers: a new class entitled, “The Glories of Chandra-Sarovara” is available now on: In the class we discuss the many pastimes of Radha and Krsna that take place at the lake called Chandra-Sarovara near Govardhan Hill, as well as the glories of the great devotee – Sur das – who gave us a number of beautiful poems and songs about the Divine Couple. Pure nectar!

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November 3, 2018: Gokul

Krsna transferred from the prison in Mathura to Gokul overnight. His childhood pastimes there are the delight of every Vrajavasi. We spent a wonderful day in Gokul singing Krsna’s praises, observing the delightful cows in the pastures and tasting delicious milk-sweets offered to the Lord.

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November 3, 2018: Lecture: The Pioneer Spirit…/the-pioneer-spirit-a-talk-given-at-…/

Dear disciples, friends and well-wishers: I would humbly request you to listen to the short talk we gave yesterday at the sacred samadhi of Srinivas Acarya here in Vrindavan. It concerns the all-important pioneer spirit we must maintain for generations to come in pushing forward this great movement we have inherited from Srila Prabhupada and our previous acaryas. Visit or simply click the link above.

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November 4, 2018: Video- A Pilgrimage to Vrinda Kunda

Once again we were fortunate to visit Vrinda Kunda here in Vrindavan where Vrinda devi and Purnamasi meet to arrange Radha and Krsna’s daily pastimes. Only by the mercy of Vrinda devi, can we come to Vrindavan and hear the pastimes of the Divine Couple and only by her grace can we enter into these pastimes. “Vrinde names te caranaravindam!”

Video of A Pilgrimage to Vrinda Kunda

November 5, 2018: Album-Visit to Durvasa Muni’s ashram

As a part of our Kartik parikrama, we took a beautiful boat ride on the Yamuna to Durvasa Munis’ ashram in Pani Gaon in Vraja. It was a wonderful ashram with a scenic surrounding where Durvasa Muni had performed austerities. Some nice sadhus live there and we absorbed ourselves in amazing kirtan and discussing Krishna Katha.

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November 5, 2018: Lecture- Glories of Kalpa Vriksa trees…/the-glories-of-vrindavan-s-desire-t…/

Dear disciples: This is a very interesting lecture on the glories of the Kalpa Vriksa trees in Vrindavan. Over an hour of katha about Desire Trees!

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November 6, 2018: The Most Sacred Bath

At the most sacred place in the universe, Radha Kunda, we heard many amazing pastimes about Radha and Krsna. Greatly inspired we then had had kirtan with Bada Haridas and then did parikrama around both Radha Kunda and Syama kunda. It is said that one who bathes in Radha Kunda achieves the same love that Radha has for Krsna and one who bathes in Syama Kunda achieves the same love that Syama ( Krsna ) has for Radha. It was a most remarkable day!

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November 7, 2018: Video- The Desire Trees of Vrindavan

Varsana is the sacred home of Srimati Radharani where she lived with her parents during the early years of Her life. Along with her gopi maidservants Radharani would often traverse the wooded forests of Varsana as she and her friends went to the market to sell their milk products. Sometimes they would meet their beloved Krsna along the way. One of Radharani’s favorite forests still exists to this very day with ancient “desire trees” dotting the landscape. Our parikrama party had the good fortune to visit Varsana and that mystic forest, where we hugged the trees as per tradition and begged one day to become eternal servants of the Divine Couple.

Video of The Desire Trees of Vrindavan

November 15, 2018: Video- Kartika In Śridham Mayapur

Today we began our Kartika parikrama in Mayapur by visiting Nrsimha Palli and HariHara ksetra, two special holy places in the Dhama. There we discussed the glories of both Lord Nrsimha and Lord Siva. The spiritual atmosphere of these places was overwhelming and more so due to the ecstatic Kirtan’s we had! So much mercy is available in the places of the Lord’s pastimes.

Video of Kartika In Śridham Mayapur

November 17, 2018: Loud Cries of Love

..Advaita Acarya was senior in age and spiritual advancement to Jagannatha Misra and Saci Ma. He was 52 years old when Sri Caitanya Mahaprabhu made His appearance. Advaita Acarya lived for 125 years and during that time in the Navadvipa area, He was the foremost of Vaisnavas, the chief Guru of knowledge, devotion, and renunciation. His specialty was teaching devotion to Krsna. Most of the pastimes of Advaita Acarya are related to the later years of His life when He was related to Nityananda and Mahaprabhu…

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November 17, 2018: Album- On This Sacred Ground of Shantipur

The other day we visited the residence of Advaita Acarya in Santipur. We heard the glories of Advaita Acarya from Chaturatma Das and had a wonderful kirtan led by Bada Haridas. We also had a rare darsan of the salagram-sila worshipped by Advaita Acarya!

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November 18, 2018: Poetic, Deep, and Rasik

… Jayadeva Goswami appeared in the 11th or 12th century, depending on the scholar. This is way before Lord Caitanya appeared. According to Caitanya Caritamrta, Mahaprabhu used to relish hearing the poetry of Jayadeva Goswami. During the Antya-lila, He retired from active preaching to go deeper into understanding Srimati Radharani’s love for Krsna and the way He would do this in Puri is that He would have Swarupa Damodara and Ramananda Ray read from the writings of Jayadeva Goswami and other elevated poets, like Vidyapati…

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November 18, 2018: Album-At the Villages of Great Saints

The other day we visited the bhajan kutir of Jayadeva Goswami in Champahati and the birthplace of Sarvabhauma Bhattacharya in Vidyanagar. We had kirtan and katha about these great devotees for hours. We also had darshan of the Gaura-Gadadhara deities worshipped by Gadadhara Pandit’s brother, Vaninatha Pandit.

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November 20, 2018: A Drop Of Nectar Before The End Of Kartika

When Krishna was once searching for Radharani, who was hiding in the forest, his dear friend Madhumangal emphatically declared, “Friend, I have your Radha.”

Krishna became full of joy and said, “My friend! I hope you’re not lying to me like that Lalita.”

Madhumangal replied, “On the strength of the gāyatrī mantra I speak the truth.”

Trusting Madhumangal, Krishna said, “Friend, where is she? Show her to me.”

Madhumangal answered, “I shall place her in your hand, but first you must give me a reward.”

Hearing the words of Madhu, Krishna respectfully put a garland of mālatī flowers around his neck.

Madhumangal then said, “Now you may take her!” and he gave Krishna a leaf on which the word “Radha” was written.

Krishna smiled and said:

sakhe satyam anenapi bhavadarpitena tarpito ’smi

“Oh friend, I am truly pleased by your gift.”

With great feeling Krishna then said:

“When the footsteps of the syllables of the name of a beloved person climb up and walk around the open spaces of one’s eyes or ears they act as a constant source of reassuring support for all the lovers of the world, while giving immense satisfaction at every step. Such syllables also increase the eagerness of the heart.”

[ Adapted from act six of Srila Rupa Goswami’s Sri Vidagdha-madhava, published in Sri Krishna Kathamrita Bindu, Issue 437, under the direction of Sriman Madhavanada dasa ]

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November 21, 2018: Video- Lord Caitanya Takes Sannyasa

The other day we visited Katwa, were Nimai Pandit took sannyasa and became Sri Krsna Caitanya. We were amazed to see a shrine containing the hair of Mahaprabhu, as well as the samadhi of His sannyasa guru, Kesava Bharati Maharaja. In the temple there was a gorgeous deity of Lord Caitanya. Needless to say, the kirtans we had there were out of this world!

Video of Lord Caitanya Takes Sannyasa

November 22, 2018: Album- Kirtan at Surabhi Kunj

As part of our Mayapur Parikrama we visited the place where Srila Bhaktivinode Thakur resided for 10 years. It is called Surabhi Kunj. He wrote a number of books there including his epic, Jaiva Dharma. We discussed his glories and had an especially ecstatic kirtan on those sacred grounds.

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November 24, 2018: Memories of Mayapur

Today most of the devotees on our parikrama party left Mayapura to go back to their countries. Back to school and back to work. But everyone will carry the most precious memories of our 4 weeks in Vrindavan and Mayapura. The photo here is one of the best I have ever seen of the area near our Mayapur Chandrodaya Mandir project. Taken of course by Ananta Vrindavan dasa 

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November 24, 2018: Lecture- Precious Memories

Dear Disciples: Please listen to our final talk on our Kartika Parikrama 2018. “Precious Memories” recounts the special moments in Vrindavan and Mayapura and realizations gained from the mercy of those holiest of all holy places! Just click the link below …

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November 25, 2018: Invitation

Dear disciples, friends and well-wishers in Vrindavan: This is to invite you all to the vivaha yajna wedding of Ananda Mohan das and Varsana-rani dasi on a new date, Tuesday, November 27 at the home of Pundrik Goswami [ Vaijayanti Asrama ] in Vrindavan at 11 a.m. His home is just across the road from Vraja Mohan temple. HH Sacinandana Swami will be the guest speaker. Pundrik Goswami of the Radha Raman temple will also attend. For questions and inquiries please call Mahavan dasa on: +91 8126 108 108.

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November 25, 2018: Video- Home for Gaudiya Vaishnavas

The final days of our Kartika parikrama in Mayapur will remain forever in our hearts. The classes about Lord Caitanya and His associates, the never ending kirtans where devotees chanted and danced with abandon, the boat rides down the sacred Ganges, harinam samkirtan through the streets of Navadwip, the Bengali prasad and the wonderful people of Nadia all combined to purify our hearts and help us come a little closer to the goal of love of God. Now we all go back to our respective countries to share the good news with others.

Video of Home for Gaudiya Vaishnavas

November 27, 2018: Album-One Hundred Autumns

Today Ananda Mohan das and Varsana-rani dasi had their Vedic wedding in Sri Vrindavan Dhama. Two hundred devotees, including a number of distinguished guests, participated and gave their blessings. Their traditional vows included staying together for “one hundred autumns.” In the years that follow may they render wonderful service to the samkirtan movement of Lord Caitanya Mahaprabhu!

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November 29, 2018: Album-Begging to Return

I’m off for preaching in Africa for 3 weeks – carrying the dust of Vrindavan with me. I went to Radha Kunda with a small group of devotees to say goodbye and pray I may have the good fortune to return.

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November 30, 2018: Last Stop

As I was leaving Vrindavan I stopped by Varsana and did a quick tour around the sacred home of Srimati Radharani with a small number of devotees. The local villagers fed us hot chapatis, we visited the Mystic Forest of desire trees, paid our respects to various sadhus … and then I left for Africa taking the mood of Vrindavan with me.

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