June 2019

June 19, 2019: Lecture-Think Big

Dear disciples: A new class delivered last week in London is now available on www.narottam.com. It is entitled: ‘Think Big’.

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June 19, 2019: Summer Tour

The 30th annual Festival of India summer tour in Poland begins in just 10 days! Here’s one video from last year’s festival. While watching it my heart beats in great anticipation of what’s ahead, for every year it just gets better and better. O Krsna!

Video on Polish Festival

June 20, 2019: A Dozen Sweet Red Roses 

Dear disciples: The following is a birthday greeting that my friend, Jayadev das from England, sent me along with a dozen red roses. It is certainly against Vaisnava etiquette to glorify oneself, but I can’t resist posting this out of love and appreciation for Jayadev himself – a most accomplished poet and singer! I will do my best to become the person he describes.

“A Dozen Sweet Red Roses”

Your mother, bless her soul, 
Would be so proud
If she were looking down
Upon you from a cloud

She would surely laugh
And sometimes cry
To witness all you’ve done
Since your last goodbye

The children swarming ’round you
Like nectar to the bee
The stories and the glories
Of the things you do and see

And how hard you pray for us
To awaken and depart
For pastures green and love serene
Contained within your heart

With your hand upon her shoulder
How your mom is blessed
You tell her not to worry
That you’ll pass each trial and test

And then she smiles relieved to see
You beat off each attack
As Syamasundar intervenes
To carry what you lack

From Russia to Azerbaijan
Cape Town to Sarajevo
The song you sing protects you
Wherever you may go

Though jackals sometimes pass the dirt
You come up smelling fragrant
For love and music carry you
Beyond the gross and vagrant

And yet the poorest of the poor
In worldly deaf and blindness
Can always knock upon your door
To take your cup of kindness

The hope bestower that you are
Grows from year to year
No wonder that your mom is wreathed
In smiles from ear to ear

You once said that birthdays aren’t for us
But are actually for our mothers
Who gave their lives’ to give us birth
As sisters and as brothers

So on your birthday we send to you
Just as you proposed
In gratitude and love to your mother
A dozen sweet red roses

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June 23, 2019: Album- ISKCON In Macedonia

Macedonia is in the southeastern part of Europe with a population of 2 million people. It is a landlocked country boarded by Bulgaria, Greece, Albania and Kosovo. ISKCON has had a temple in Skopje, Macedonia since 1989. During my visit I participated in the International Yoga Day festivities, a Sunday Feast program in the temple, a blissful harinam through the Muslim section of the city and a visit to several very old churches in the surrounding mountains. It was a great visit!

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