April 8, 2021: Lecture- Saubhari Muni
In tomorrow’s Friday lecture on my YouTube channel we’ll learn everything about the illustrious sage, Saubhari-muni; from his divine birth to his glorious death. His Pranam Mantra says it all:
saubhare muni-śār-dūla
sarve-ṣāṁ śaraṇa-prada
śrī-vraja-śara-ṇehā me
kṛpayā pari-pūrya-tām
“O Saubhari! O tiger amongst sages! O shelter-giver of all living entities! By your mercy, please completely fulfill my desire to attain shelter of Śrī Vraja-dhāma. “
[ Composed by Sriman Hari Parshad das ]

April 8, 2021: Best Of Times

Paris, France: 1974. Notice we had no sound system and no musical instruments other than one old mridanga and 2 pairs of kartalas. But Ah! Those were those were the best of times! Nine hours a day, six days a week, sharing Krsna’s sweet holy names on the streets of Kali Yuga. [ Apologies for my big boots! ]

April 14, 2021: Lecture- The Mystic Stone of Anjana-Vana

Dear devotees: This coming Friday’s lecture [ April 16, 2021 ] is entitled, “The Mystic Stone of Anjana-Vana.” We’ll go deep into one of Vrindavan’s littlest know sub-forests where we’ll hear a mesmerising pastime of Krsna decorating His beloved Sri Radha with Kajal [ mascara ]. Then we’ll wander into another forest and hear a very sweet lila of Radharani and the gopis defeating Krsna in a full-on wrestling match! It premiers at 3:30 pm on my YouTube channel. Jaya Sri Radhe!